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Monday, February 13, 2012

Die Weisskeppich Fraa

Die Weisskeppich Fraa, known in English as the White-Haired Woman, is the very personification of healing in Braucherei. She appears very frequently during healing sessions. When we are engaged in the healing of a living person with a personal issue, She often appears alone. When we are healing the souls of those who have passed on, or when we are dealing with a living person who has an an issue with one who has passed, She often appears with Holle, Wodan, or other entities.

The Urglaawe faith regards Her as a deity; more specifically, She is seen as one of the White Ladies, whom Jacob Grimm describes in Teutonic Mythology (vol. 1, 279-280; vol. 2, 962-968). There is some conjecture that She may be akin to the Norse Eir.

My first introduction to Weisskeppichi was during my first experience with time-cord journeying. I was contacted by a sibling of a direct ancestor. This sibling was being held to the physical plane by an overwhelming sense of guilt.

Throughout the course of the work, Holle and Weisskeppichi appeared and gave the soul of the sibling a choice: she could either be healed by Weisskeppichi and continue to watch over her clan line, or she could proceed immediately with Holle to her figurative mill. She chose the latter.

Since that incident, I have found a tremendous sense of spiritual calm. The White-Haired Woman can be difficult to describe. She appears as a young, beautiful woman with pure, white hair. Her entire countenance glows, and you feel a tremendous sense of love.

I was at the home of Susan Hess, a colleague in Braucherei from the Three Sisters Center and member of the Oley Freindschaft guild. Susan and I have a lot in common, including the fact that we are both of the sign of the Baer on the Deitsch lunar zodiac. We are also both born under the sign of Libra.

Libra by Mia Bosna
Susan showed me a picture that she had on the wall. It was a representation of Libra by artist Mia Bosna. I looked at it, and it was clear that the reason Susan had shown it to me was because it looked just like Die Weisskeppich Fraa!

Also interesting is the presence of the mills in the picture. Clearly their presence is due to Libra being an Air sign. However, in my journeywork, Holle's mill was present in the background, and that makes this image all that much more spiritually awesome to me.

Well, I purchased a copy of that same image, and it now is on my altar.

Mia Bosna does some amazing work. Check out


  1. Sorry to be replying belatedly to this, but I wonder if you're familiar with a fantasy work for children (supposedly) by George MacDonald, The Princess and the Goblin? I had not heard of the White-haired Woman until reading your post, but I was immediately reminded of MacDonald's story, wherein a little girl is threatened by goblins and is nurtured and protected by her wise, ancient, grandmother, a beautiful old lady with long white hair who lives in a tower that seemingly only the little girl can find. If you will search for "Jessie Willcox Smith" along with "Princess and the Goblin" in google's image search, you'll see some of the beautiful illustrations from the book. I'm wondering now if George MacDonald, who was interested in all sorts of religious traditions, as well as legends and myths, might have based this character upon the White-haired Woman.

    1. Yes, I have read the story of The Princess and the Goblin and I too had not heard of the white haired lady yet, I wonder if there is a similarity with the Triple haired Goddess, youth, mother and crone. She could appear in her Crone image of the white haired lady.

  2. Speaking of replying belatedly, I only now saw this comment.. Sorry about that! I will have to check that out! Thanks! :)

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  4. Has anyone asked Weisskeppich Fraa if she might be related to Gaulish Sirona and/or Sinthgunt from the Merseberg charm?