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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Seidel (Stein) Blessing

The subject of a stein blessing came up today on the Urglaawe group on Facebook; thus, it seems like an opportune time to talk about what happened with one of Distelfink Sippschaft's steins this summer. Distelfink has two steins: one with an alcoholic libation and the other with a non-alcoholic libation. The two steins are always equal in every way spiritually, even if they are not physically identical.

The stein that we use for alcoholic libations, unfortunately, was shattered on the return trip from Trothmoot in June of 2014. We have not yet found the right replacement, so we have had to use a different stein for the time being.
The replacement stein

I chose a stein that I have had at home for a couple of years. At the time of consecration, I placed the remnants of the shattered stein inside the replacement stein and sused my right hand (fist closed with the thumb extended, like a thumbs-up sign) and drew the Perthro, Laguz, and Ansuz runes three times each over the top, sides, and bottom of the replacement stein. As I was drawing the runes, I also said the following charm three times for each rune:

Seidel, Seidel
Loss die Wadde, die gschproche warre
Vereenicht mit der Wurt  aa warre
Viele Sege wattscht du heere
Loss die uns zu uns'rer Waahheit keere
(then own free words or additional runes)
Mach's immer so!

Stein, Stein
Let the words that are spoken
Also become one with Wyrd
Many blessing thou willst hear
Let them make us proper to our truth
(free words or additional runes)
Make it always so!

The remnants remained inside the replacement stein until our next Sege, at which time they were placed on the altar. They were also placed on the altar for two more Seges for a total of three. This provides an opportunity for the energies to transfer to other objects on the altar.

The ground is frozen at the Graabhof now, but, when it warms in the Spring, the remnants will be buried at the site.

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