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Monday, March 2, 2015

Brauch Remedy for Brand (Burns)

This relates to virtually any type of burn, including scalds, sunburn, from fire, etc. 

This little incantation can be uttered alone, or it can be combined with herbs, particularly a poultice or salve of Stinging Nettle (Deitsch: der Brennessel; Tax: Urtica doica).

Wenn sich ee iss brennt, saag:
Hitzbrandgschwulscht, nimm ab
as wie der Dood im Graab
X X X (Roon Gebo (adder Not*) dreimol)

When one burns himself, say
Heat-burn swelling, decrease

Like the Dead in the grave
X X X (Gebo or Naudhiz* rune three times)

A variant form of this, exactly as written below, also appears in Brendle and Unger (153):

Wenn sich eies brennt,
Hitz brand geschwulst nimm ab
als wie der Tod ihm grab X X X

* The X symbol that is often transmitted is also sometimes actually serving the function of a seal of "Not/Need" rather than "Gewwe/Give." In the Urglaawe context, therefore, we are led in this case not to Gebo but to Naudhiz. The two runes do look similar when being drawn over an injury site with the finger, but X was the way it was transmitted to me. Naudhiz makes sense also as the rune of reactive Ice against the burn's proactive Fire. Thus, I personally would use Naudhiz, but the choice is up to the practitioner.

There are other herbal remedies to aid with burns, and those will be described over time on the Blanzeheilkunscht site.


Brendle, Thomas R. and Claude W. Unger. Folk Medicine of the Pennsylvania Germans: The Non-Occult Cures. Norristown, PA: Pennsylvania German Society, 1935.

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