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This blog is written and maintained by members of the Oley Freindschaft Guild of Braucherei Practitioners and of the Guild of Urglaawe Braucherei and Hexerei Practitioners.

The Oley Freindschaft recognizes the totality of the practice of Braucherei, which includes the contexts of Christianity and of Urglaawe.

The Guild of Urglaawe Braucherei and Hexerei Practitioners is dedicated to the advancement of these traditions within the Urglaawe context.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Passing the Power!

It is with great pleasure that the Guild of Urglaawe Practitioners of Braucherei and Hexerei announces that Sarah Lyter, Jenny Grimm, and Michelle Jones have acceded from their apprenticeships to the level of Braucherin. They now join both the Guild and the Oley Freindschaft as part of the lineage.

Hail to the Healers!

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