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Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Wurthexe Charm

Here is one of the charms involving the Three Sisters, who appear to be Wurthexe (Norns)... No particularly meter to this one. Of unknown age. The first line is interesting because it is essentially without discernible time while the other lines are clearly past, present, future. 

It is important to note that Deitsch seldom uses the simple past and most verbs do not even have a form for it. Instead, the present perfect, past perfect, and past progressive (which does not exist in standard Hochdeutsch) tenses are the more common. This utilizes the present perfect, most like for synergy among the lines. In normal speech, the past perfect would more likely be used.

Dreie Schweschdere am Laafe
Erschdi hot vun der Vergangeheit die Weh gschtole
Zweddi iss vun der Gegewart die Weh am Weckschtosse
Driddi watt vun der Noochkunft die Weh verschtecke
Die Zeit wie en Raawer
Die Zeit wie en Verweser
Die Zeit wie en Verdecker
Mach’s so!

The Three Sisters walking
The first has stolen the woe from the Past 
The second is pushing the woe from the Present
The third will hide the woe from the Future
Time as a robber
Time as a guardian
Time as a concealer
Make it so!

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