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Monday, February 4, 2013

Charm for Relaxation

This spoken charm is a removal charm for stress (Deitsch: der Stress) or insomnia (Deitsch: die Schloflosichkeet):

Es Wasser, Es Wasser
Wann es Salz verschmolze iss
Sinn mei [Druwwel] aa zeriss'
Zing! Zing! Zing!

Water, Water
When the Salt is melted
My [troubles] are also torn to bits
Zing! Zing! Zing!

Application of the Charm in the Urglaawe Context

This description applies to the use of the charm in the Urglaawe context.

I always use the left hand as the removing hand and the right hand as the application hand.

When I say this particular charm, I often incorporate the Dagaz rune into the process. I use this chant most frequently in the application of healing bath water for the removal of insomnia or stress.

Stress or Insomnia

The chant calls to the water, but it also is seeking dissolution. Fire is the figurative dissolver of Water. Thus, I draw upon the negative, dissolving Fire rune, Dagaz. Let me be state once again that these terms do not mean one is bad or one is good. Either can be beneficial or detrimental depending on the circumstance.

Stress is an external affliction with positive energy, and Insomnia is a positive internal affliction with positive energy.  As this is a dissolution charm, I would add herbs to the bath water, and I would utilize the negative Dagaz with my right hand to dissolve the positive energy of the ailment. 

Towards the end of the bath, I would alternate the left hand action with the insertion with my right hand of the negative Water rune Laguz to remove the dissolved ailment.


This word is often used is weakening, dissolving, removing, and banishing chants. The original meaning may have been, "zieh dei Gift," meaning "draw thy poison." Not all incantations of those natures use it, but readers will see it frequently.


  1. You should make a you tube video demonstrating this charm as there are so many people out there struggling with all kinds of sleep disorders. I would love to learn this charm.

  2. Not a bad idea... I may just do that... Thanks! :)