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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sympathetic Healing Charm for Cataracts and Styes

For a cataract (es Aageheidel) or stye (Schussbloder), a sympathetic charm included the sufferer doing the following process for three days in a row:

Grab a handful of Salt and hold it in the right hand.

Go to a flowing stream prior to sunrise.

Using the left hand, wash the offending eye nine times with water from the stream, and allow the runoff to drain into the stream. Say the following incantation nine times (once per wash):

Es Wasser, Des Salz
Es Wasser, Des Salz
Des Salz iss am Vergehne
Glaarer binnich yetz am Sehne
Die Holle schteht geeich yeder Schaade
Kummt Sie mir un helft mir graade.

The Water, This Salt
The Water, This Salt
The Salt is ceasing to be
Clearer now do I see
Holle stands against every harm
She comes to me and helps me now.

Using the right hand, throw a handful of Salt into the water. Take nine steps backwards, and then walk forwards towards the home.

Runic Inclusions

The charm may consist simply of the steps above. However, one may also apply runes to the incantation.

In the case of a cataract, the trouble is due to age or degeneration of the eye, the cataract would be considered negative (reactive) due to the element of Time. Thus, I would utilize, using my left hand, the positive Time rune, Jera, to annul the reactivity of the cataract and to draw the energy out, disposing of it in the water of the stream.

Interestingly, Salt is the element that stands in opposition to time, so I could also use my right hand to channel in the positive (proactive) Salt rune, Uruz. The right hand would still dispose of the physical Salt, and the Salt energy would dissolve the drained energy of the cataract in the stream.

The nine steps backwards is a symbolic reversal of Time and injury.

If the rune is due to damage, it is usually considered to be a result of a reactive Earth interference. Thus, the positive Earth rune, Tiwaz, can be called upon, and the energy can be removed with the left hand.

There are times, though, when the cause of the cataract is known to be another source. For example, an injury resulting from a metal would respond better to the positive Metal rune, Kenaz. A cataract resulting from diabetes would be considered positive (as opposed to the negative/reactive instances cited above) and would respond better to the negative/reactive Venom rune, Thurisaz.

If the cause of the cataract is unknown, runic meditation, including the incantation of Dagaz and Ansuz, may help to identify the best runes to call to in the practitioner's mind's eye.

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