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The Oley Freindschaft recognizes the totality of the practice of Braucherei, which includes the contexts of Christianity and of Urglaawe.

The Guild of Urglaawe Braucherei and Hexerei Practitioners is dedicated to the advancement of these traditions within the Urglaawe context.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Opening and Sealing

Opening a Braucherei rite, particularly in the Urglaawe context, typically calls upon Fire, Water, Spirit, or any combination thereof. Other elements may be used, too, depending on the circumstances.

The opening with Spirit most frequently utilizes the left hand drawing the Hagalaz rune over the pineal gland. The practitioner makes a fist with the left hand, leaving only the thumb standing upright (like a "thumbs up!" sign). The form of the Hagalaz rune used for this purpose is that of the Elder Futhark.

The Opening (Deitsch: die Effning) with Fire and/or Water includes envisioning the appropriate proactive rune (Fehu and Eiwaz, respectively) in the practitioner's mind's eye while following the shape of the client's head. Beginning about three inches above the client's head with the hands together, the practitioner chants Fehu or Ehwaz (or combines both), and then opens the hands and follows the outline of the client's head and then returns the hands to the starting position. This is done three times, and then the main Braucherei chants begin.

Throughout the course of Braucherei work, the rune most frequently used as a seal (Deitsch: es Siggel) is Naudhiz (reactive Ice), particularly when the opening was with Fehu. Naudhiz is again used at the end of the session as a seal in opposition to Fehu. Mannaz (reactive Metal) is used as a seal in opposition to Ehwaz. In both cases, the right thumb is extended from a fist and the appropriate rune drawn.

Ansuz and Gebo may also be liberally applied as rune of the energy exchange to the client. The right hand applies, the left hand removes.

If the session was opened with Hagalaz using the left thumb, then the session is sealed with Hagalaz using the right hand.

As is the case with many aspects of Braucherei, the situation may call for variations on these processes. These are simply elements and runes that I commonly use in my practice.

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